• Image 01

    (2013) TMNT Episode 3

  • Image 02

    (2014) MEGA BLOKS Call of Duty Desert Combat

  • Image 03

    (2011) Logirem Commissioned Project

  • Image 04

    (2014) STAR WARS REBELS Episode 1

  • Image 05

    (2014) TMNT Episode 6

  • Image 06

    (2014) STAR WARS REBELS Episode 2

LEGO® Stop Motion Animations

Professionally Made Brick Animations Since 2001

Titan Pictures has been established in 2001 by Patrick. By that time he was working on his first big project that became the world's first feature length Lego Movie "Grand Theft Auto". And so was Titan Pictures born as one of the first LEGO® stop-motion animation studios specializing in feature Brickfilms. Since the beginning Titan Pictures created animations based on various themes. The claustrophobic war story inside a early 1900 submarine and a sci-fi horror trilogy inside a zombified Mars colony.

In 2004 Patrick finished its 9th brickfilm "Crossroad". Which actually became the last film ever released under Titan Pictures.

In 2011 Titan Pictures has been re-establish to continue its venture to inspire and create the most enjoyable stop-motion animation films featuring LEGO® minifigures.

In 2013 Titan Pictures started the LEGO® TMNT series and now half way through the first season, work has started on the second.